Meat & Seafood

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Meat Managers:
Palo Alto: John Fernandez
San Mateo: Robert Strupeni

Hours: 7 am - 9 pm

For additional information on Piazza's Beef products, please visit the following site link:

We are very fortunate that we have learned enough to make an informative choice as far as the meat we eat.

We offer:

  • All USDA certified choice or higher grade.
  • No additional hormones.
  • No growth additives.
  • No antibiotics.

This meat fits into a healthy lifestyle.

  • Our beef is Niman Ranch All Natural Beef that is fed an all natural vegetarian diet.
  • Our Lamb is free range California Grown USDA Choice.
  • Our "Other White Meat" is fresh Eastern Pork.
  • Our Sausage is hand made and we have a dozen varieties.
  • Our Veal is raised in a humane fashion on the open range.

Poultry has long been recognized as an excellent source of animal protein. We recognize that and offer a wide variety such as organic and free range California grown chicken and turkey; as well as duck and specialty game.

For your convenience we pre-prepare many items each day so they are oven and barbeque ready.

We Know Fresh Seafood

Our seafood is fresh daily and therefore our selection is ever changing. There is always an abundance of deep sea and fresh water fish as well as shellfish, scallops, crab and lobster.

We offer "locally caught today" wild fish whenever possible.

We cook our own Dungeness crabs in season to assure top quality.