Additional Resources

Produce Supervisor:
Palo Alto/San Mateo:
Israel Vargas

Produce Managers:
Palo Alto: Ricardo Romero
San Mateo: Elmer Cardoza

Produce Buyer:
Palo Alto/San Mateo Phil Schaffner

For additional information concerning the health benefits of eating a well balanced diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, please visit the following site link:

We have all become more health conscious due to the vast amount of nutritional information available to us via every media. Although there are many different viewpoints, everyone seems to agree that we must eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

Our produce department has become our signature. We have given it plenty of space as we understand the importance of produce in all of our diets. At first the experience is visual: so many colors, so many varieties, so beautifully presented, and all with such obvious quality.

But the essence of our produce department is this: we offer a huge selection of organic produce complimented by the finest conventionally grown produce, most of it locally grown.

Exceptional produce is essential to a healthy diet.